Mix of Oils for Teak Ele Teak Oil
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Mix of Oils for Teak Ele Teak Oil

Ele Teak Oil Oil Blend for Teak

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Natural effect oil blend for Teak Ele Teak Oil

It protects teak floors and furnishings from the most extreme weather conditions. High UV resistance.


The treatment with teak impregnating oil significantly improves the characteristics of this fine wood. The treatment also serves to ensure its durability. When laid outside, the teak needs to be treated with an impregnant that protects it from stains and weather.


The product can be used pure or diluted. In the case of teak, a very compact and oily wood, it is better to use the impregnating oil diluted with a thin. To perform the treatment with impregnating teak for external flooring, it takes two steps.

1. Distribute the impregnating oil on the surface, soaking it evenly and following the absorption of the wood.
2. Wait 20-30 minutes. After this time remove the excesses of product by rubbing with a soft rag or with a soft brush.
Typically, an application is all it takes to get great results. In cases where the teak floor is a very exposed surface it is the case to pass two hands of product.


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Mix of Oils for Teak Ele Teak Oil

Ele Teak Oil Oil Blend for Teak

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