DEROS 650cv Mirka

DEROS 650cv Mirka

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The new era of rotorbital sanders!

  • With the Deros, the direct-powered electric rotorbital, Mirka changes the standards of electric sanders. The result of an extraordinary work by the MirkaTools Unit, the Deros is the first electric seder with a brushless engine without external power supply and at the same time the lightest currently available on the market.

An innovative project.

  • Thanks to the power of the 350W brush-free engine, the Mirka Deros delivers performance that is actually comparable to that of a 500w electric car, while maintaining constant speed even under heavy load. The engine is designed with fewer wear-and-tear components to ensure reliability, less maintenance and long life. Unlike traditional electric cars, the Mirka Deros also has a very compact structure that prevents dust from infiltrating the engine, reducing the risk of wear and tear.

Details that make the difference.

  • The Mirka Deros is distinguished by a number of high value-added features. The smoothing speed control is extremely precise thanks to the soft-start function, the electric brake built into the engine and the easy-to-dose lever. The brake-platorello seal avoids the suction leaks between the platollo and the bell making the extraction of the powder extraordinarily more effective, also thanks to the very wide internal suction section. The power cable is removable, quickly attaches to the machine and can be replaced with the 10 m version (not included) to smooth even in the points farther from the outlet.

The ergonomic design.

With the other machines Mirka, the Deros also stands out for its excellent ergonomics. The symmetrical desing makes it comfortable to use with both the left hand and the right and thanks to the elongated shape you can also use it with two hands. The new body leaves more room for the fingers, ensuring a very comfortable grip even in intense and continuous applications. Having no power supply, the machine also allows maximum freedom of manoeuvre.

Mirka Deros also means 10 times lower energy costs as it absorbs 0.35 kWh while a compressor that powers a 400 l/min pneumatic seding absorbs at least 3.6 kWh. With an additional advantage that you do not need to periodically lubricate the machine, but only the ordinary cleaning.


  • the most compact, lightweight and powerful seding of the category
  • brush-free engine, more efficient and reliable, requires less maintenance
  • extremely low vibration level
  • orbit 5 mm

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DEROS 650cv Mirka

Availability: Not Available

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