Powdered ureic glue ELEFEL 125 AL
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Powdered ureic glue ELEFEL 125 AL

ELEFEL 125 AL Ureico powdered Ureico 25 kg

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25kg bag

Powdered urea glue

Self-hardening powdered urea glue for the wood industry. ELEfel 125 AL becomes a ready-to-use mixture after dispersion in water. It is used in hot bonding of finishing papers, veneers, especially those with large holes when you want to limit excessive overflow on the surface, in the production of honeycomb and plywood panels.

For the most common applications, the resin is mixed with water in the ratio of 2 parts in powder and 1 parts of water. First mix the powder with 2/3 of the water provided until you obtain a homogeneous mixture free from lumps, then add the remaining water. The quantity of glue to be prepared must not be overabundant with respect to the pressing requirements, it must be kept in mind that the duration of the mixture depends on its temperature.

Physico-chemical characteristics
Physical state of the product WHITE POWDER / WALNUT
Viscosity of the mixture 2: 1 at 20 ° C: 4500 + - 2000 mPa.s.
Softening temperature 110-120 ° C

The bonding pressure must ensure contact between the surfaces and depends on the hardness of the wood, normally it is between 2 and 10 kg / cm2. The amount of glue varies greatly depending on the bonding and the characteristics required, ranging from 80 to 200 g / m2. The humidity of the wood must be between 6 and 12%.

The adhesive must be stored in the original bags in a cool and dry place. The bags must be kept tightly closed to avoid the absorption of external humidity and the consequent formation of crusts. At 20 ° C the adhesive can be kept suitable for about 6 months, increasing the temperature decreases the life time.
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Powdered ureic glue ELEFEL 125 AL

ELEFEL 125 AL Ureico powdered Ureico 25 kg

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