ELEVIL 3001 D2 glue
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ELEVIL 3001 D2 glue

ELEVIL 3001 Professional super D2 wood glue

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ELEVIL 3001 D2

Available in sizes: 0.5 - 1- 5 - 10 - 25 KG

Certification - Shear resistance for traction on gluing EN 205: 2003 - Class D2

Our qualities and strengths:

Non toxic
Zero km product
100% GREEN. Complete use of "renewable energies" for the production of glue
TRANSPARENT film after drying
UV filter


Ready-to-use vinyl acetate adhesive in aqueous dispersion for the wood industry. It is characterized by medium viscosity, open time and medium-long setting time. Recommended for general bonding.


It is used in the wood industry such as:

- General glue for joinery

- For the construction of softwood frames

- For cladding of plywood and non-fireproof chipboard panels

- For bonding paper, cardboard, expanded polystyrene



Aqueous dispersion in acetovinyl resins


Viscous fluid


White milk

Brookfield viscosity at 20 ° C, G 6 20 rpm

27000 ± 3000 mPas




Temperature of glue, materials, environment: 18-20 ° C

Moisture of the wood


Coating, depending on the materials to be glued

Gr / m2 150/200

Open time at 20 ° C and 65% rh with 150 gr / m2

13-15 min. (with 200 gr./sqm: 18-20 min.)

Pressure as a function of materials

2-5 kg / cm2

Assembly work

40-60 min.

Surface coupling

(chipboard, plywood) at 20 ° C

40-60 min.

Coupling paper-absorbent cardboard

20-30 sec.


- It is applied by means of automatic or manual spreaders, by brush, etc., in a uniform and not excessively abundant layer on one of the surfaces to be glued. In particular cases, in order to increase the adhesive power, it is possible to use the coating on both surfaces. The dosage of adhesive must be adequate, excessive quantities delay setting, small quantities produce defective gluing.

- The materials to be bonded must be free from dust or anti-adhesive substances such as greases, oils, paraffins, etc.

- The surfaces of the adherents must be provided exactly matching. Too high coupling tolerances generate precarious bonding.

- Make sure that the temperature of the work environment and materials is at least 18 ° C. With the lowering of the real working temperature, the times for adhesion are extended and the bonding is no longer reliable. Before gluing, the wood must be conditioned for a few days at 18-20 ° C.

- The humidity must be controlled. A high humidity of the wood does not favor the complete drying of the adhesive, on the other hand a reduced humidity forcibly accelerates its filming.

- The pressure on the two surfaces to be joined, of a minimum value that allows the intimate effective contact between the parts, must be applied within the limits of the open time until a sufficient initial adhesive force is obtained.

- The glue must not remain in contact with unprotected iron tools or containers. Recommended are containers in stainless steel, enamelled steel, reinforced polyester, plastic materials such as PVC, PE.

- The glue must be used as it is, without additions or modifications of any kind. A small addition of water can be tolerated if the product is too viscous in use.

- After a long period of storage it is advisable to remix the adhesive before using it.

- On new materials or materials which have been stored for a long time, always check their bondability by means of suitable preliminary bonding tests.

- To clean tools and containers, use water, preferably lukewarm.


Store in original closed packaging, in a temperate environment (+5 / + 30 ° C.).


Request product safety data sheets before use

ALL THE DATA CONTAINED IN THIS SHEET ARE THE RESULTS OF ACCURATE EXPERIMENTS CARRIED OUT IN OUR LABORATORIES WITH SPECIFIC PROCEDURES AND ARE THEREFORE RELIABLE. However, given the large number of environmental and / or application factors that can affect them, they cannot be guaranteed


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ELEVIL 3001 D2 glue

ELEVIL 3001 Professional super D2 wood glue

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